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Feedback and Alumni

The WCMM Research School was a great opportunity for me to extend my local network at BMC, learn new state-of-the-art techniques/methods used in regenerative medicine, and get valuable feedback on my professional development from PIs currently in the phase of establishing their own labs.

- John Stegmayr, PostDoc, LU


A specific disease, although bounded to a single organ, rarely lacks secondary effects, impacting the host as a whole. The WCMM RS emphasises the importance of, and furthermore facilitates, collaboration between specialists such that future research might be considered, and executed, at the organism level.

- Nicolas Bechet, PhD student, LU


I truly enjoyed the interdisciplinary aspect of the WCMM Research School, which inspired me to apply unique approaches in my own research.

- Victoria Ptasinski, industrial PhD student, AstraZeneca/LU


My experience as trainee in the WCMM School 18/19 was useful in terms of promoting a nice networking atmosphere. I could share new interesting  techniques/research fields with different colleagues which might be useful for future scientific work/collaborations. Moreover, I improved reading, evaluation and comprehension of scientific papers in the Journal Club sessions.

- Alba Garcia Serrano, PostDoc, LU


Being part of the WCMM RS made a large impact on both my personal and work-related development. I joined the RS with the hopes to expand my research network, exchange ideas and collaborate across various research fields. This was important for me especially, as I have stayed at Lund University throughout my research career, however changed expertise area and learned new methods and techniques. I wished to learn further about other possible interaction across research disciplines that would be possible for me. Not least have I found researchers to collaborate with, which is something continuous after completing the RS.

- Irma Mahumutovic Persson, PostDoc, LU



Did you know?

92% of former trainees were satisfied with the course in general, and said that the WCMM Research school has stimulated their interest in cross-disciplinary thinking. 85% of former trainees recommend this course to other students.

All trainees (100%) believe that their future career will benefit from what they have learned in the course.

WCMM RS - Interface between systems
Interface between systems, Art by Inês Caiado

Research school alumni, 2020-2022

Research school alumni, 2020

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