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Einar Heiberg

WCMM Clinical Researcher | Medical Imaging

Our research

Medical imaging has profoundly changed medicine as it allows for non-invasive examination of both morphology and function. For translational science, imaging is a powerful tool, as the same imaging techniques can be used to evaluate treatment response in pre-clinical animal models, early human experiments, and finally in large clinical studies.

Medical image analysis is a research discipline where with help of computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) one can identify and delimit structures in image volumes to quantify biological or physiological parameters. Medical images can be used for much more than diagnostic purposes.

Our research focus on creation of patient-specific models and implants using additive manufacturing (3D printing), and how such models fit in the precision medicine paradigm where the treatment is tailored to the individual patient rather than a one size fit all approach.


To empower physicians with new tools for diagnosis, and patient-specific tools that facilitates and make complex surgeries safer or enables surgeries that otherwise would not be possible.

We develop novel AI-based tools to process images and mathematical models for clinical and research to predict and optimize the outcome of the surgery.

Strengths of the group

  • A detailed understanding in AI and deep learning
  • Additive manufacturing and it’s usage in the clinical setting
  • Clinical proximity
  • Regulatory knowledge in medical device regulation and the US medical device regulation


The group is highly translational and have in several areas already changed clinical routine where surgeons now require support with anatomical models and patient-specific medical products for complex cases.

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Einar Heiberg. Portrait

Einar Heiberg

Principal Investigator

Phone: +46 46 17 16 05

Email: einar [dot] heiberg [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

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Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Clinical Researcher - Einar Heiberg