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A new WCMM doctor!

The cover of a thesis

Nicholas Bèchet successfully defended his thesis on June 17, 2022. This makes him the first PhD to graduate from the Lundgaard lab. Congratulations to both Dr. Bèchet and Iben Lundgaard!

His thesis is entitled "Developing a Porcine Model to Study the Glymphatic System" and opponent during the dissertation was professor Per Kristian Eide from Oslo. 

The glymphatic system is a brain wide waste clearance system that has been implicated in the clearance of amyloid-beta and tau from the brain, however, much of our knowledge on this system stems exclusively from rodent models. In order to better understand the system in the brain of a large mammal, and make inferences on the likely architecture of human glymphatics, this work set out to develop a porcine glymphatic model.

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