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WCMM newsletter February 2018


WCMM  Newsletter

Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine
Lund University

Meeting with WCMM Lund SAB April 4 “Progress and Feedback”


This a kind reminder to put the time-slot below in your calendars. The upcoming SAB meeting April 4-5, is extra important for our Center since we are given an unique opportunity to receive feedback from our excellent SAB on the progression of the Center, including recruitment of you WCMM researchers, the introduction/establishment of New Fellows research at our faculty, and the translational collaborations etc. We will get back to you with location to meet.

11.00 – 11.45 Diabetes (Joao Duarte, Martin Magnusson)
13.00 – 13.45 Cardiac (Anja Meissner, Gustav Smith)
13.45 – 14.30 Respiratory (Darcy Wagner, Sandra Lindstedt Ingemansson)
15.00 – 15.45 Hematopoiesis (Filipe Pereira, Markus Hansson, Cornelis Jan Pronk)
15.45 – 16.30 Neuro (Iben Lundgaard, Gesine Paul-Visse)

Support with VR application


If you like support from a senior colleague for input on your VR application, please contact Ulrica ASAP and we will arrange this. Dead-line for the Medicine Project grant call is March 20, 2018.

Welcome! New WCMM Lund Researchers


April 2018 five new WCMM Clinical Fellow start their positions;
Robin Kahn (Musculoskeletal system)
Elin Trägårdh (Medicinal Imaging)
Einar Heiberg (Medicinal Imaging)
Anders Björkman (Nervous system with emphasis on function and plasticity)
Anders Wittrup (Cancer)

September 2018 WCMM Fellow Paul Bourgine (Musculoskeletal system) starts his position. Paul will also join us for the NMMP meeting in March.

Welcome! New post-docs and PhD students


GESINE PAUL-VISSE´s group: post-doc Osama Elabi
IBEN LUNDGAARD´s group: visiting student Nicholas Burdon
DARCY WAGNER´s group: post-doc Sinem Tas
FILIPE PEREIRA´s: PhD student: Fábio Rosa and New Postdocs: Cristiana Pires and Olga Zimmermannová
JOÃO DUARTE´s group: post-doc Alba Garcia Serrano

New publications


IBEN LUNDGAARD´s group: Iben Lundgaard, Wei Wang, Allison Eberhardt, Hanna Sophia Vinitsky, Benjamin Cameron Reeves, Sisi Peng, Nanhong Lou, Rashad Hussain & Maiken Nedergaard. Beneficial effects of low alcohol exposure, but adverse effects of high alcohol intake on glymphatic function. SCieNTifiC Reports|(2018) 8:2246|DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-20424-y.

DARCY WAGNER´s group: van der Velden J, Wagner DE, Lahue K, Abdalla S, Lam YW, Weiss DJ, and Janssen-Heininger Y.MW. TGF-β1-induced provisional extracellular matrix by tracheal basal cells impairs re-epithelialization in a c-Jun-N-terminal kinase-1-dependent manner AJP Lung, 2018, Bölükbas D, deSantis M, Alsafadi H, Doryab A, Wagner DE. The Preparation of Decellularised Mouse Lung Matrix Scaffolds for Analysis of Lung Regenerative Cell Potential. Book chapter in Methods Molecular Biol.

JOÃO DUARTE´s ´s GROUP: Sarah Sonnay, Jordan Poirot, Nathalie Just, Anne-Catherine Clerc, Rolf Gruetter, Gregor Rainer, João M. N. Dual Astrocytic and neuronal oxidative metabolism are coupled to the rate of glutamate–glutamine cycle in the tree shrew visual cortex. GLIA 2017, 10.1002/glia.23259.

New items in the LU BOX on Research Funding


In the folder ”General information\Admin systems info” in the LU BOX you will find from our latest WCMM Seminar February 6, on Research Funding as well as an information ppt.

WCMM Researcher Calendar 2018


March 14-15
NMMP Yearly Symposia, Stockholm, Full days (!)

April 4
Meeting with WCMM LUND SAB according to separate schedule

WCMM LU Seminar arranged together with MiL, 13.00-16.30.

June 7
Seminar Mid-term Mentor Program, 08.30-13.30, Pufendorf Inst in Lund.

November 22
End of Mentor program, 08.30-13.30, Pufendorf Inst in Lund.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!
WCMM Lund Research Coordinator

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