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LMK Foundation has awarded their prize in Medicine 2023 to a WCMM Fellow!

Porträtt av Iben Lundgaard. Fotografi.
Photographer: Kennet Ruona

The LMK Foundation believes in innovative and interdisciplinary research and its potential to contribute to the solution of many of today's and tomorrow's problems. Therefore, they mainly support pioneering projects that bring together researchers with different subject backgrounds. Apart from supporting research projects, the foundation also has its own prize in Medicine.

Every year, the LMK Foundation announces a winner of their prize in Medicine. This year's prize winner is the WCMM Fellow Iben Lundgaard, associate professor at the Dept of Experimental Medical Science at Lund University.

The Lundgaard laboratory studies the role of the glymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid efflux pathways in neurodegenerative diseases and their research techniques range from 9.4T MRI of rodents, light sheet imaging of optically cleared volumes, electron microscopy, pig models, and non-invasiv 7T MRI of human subjects.

Iben Lundgaard is awarded this prize for her pioneering research focusing on the glymphatic system of the brain. Through advanced interdisciplinary models, she has increased the understanding of how the brain eliminates harmful substances and metabolites. Her work opens up new possibilities for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and gives us a deeper insight into the importance of sleep. The prize sum is 600,000 SEK.

Congratulations Iben!


The LMK foundation was initiated by Mikael Karlsson. Mikael wanted to create a bridge into the future by starting a foundation in his name, the LMK foundation - which stands for Lars Mikael Karlsson.

The LMK Foundation support innovative and interdisciplinary research in a wide range of scientific fields. The foundation provides grants mainly to research at Lund University and primarily supports projects within natural sciences, medicine, humanities and theology.