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3D histology with synchrotron micro-tomography: Symposium and hackathon!

Färgglada molekyler mot svart bakgrund.

Karin Tran-Lundmark is part of the working group Biomedical Imaging, within the integrative pharmacology and drug discovery (IPDD) theme, a group that currently is organizing a workshop on synchrotron-based 3D imaging.

Karin Tran-Lundmark, physician scientist and Associate Professor at Lund University, has her clinical interest in advanced heart failure, transplantation, and pulmonary hypertension. She spends 50% of her time in the research lab with focus on pulmonary vascular disease, and the role of the extracellular matrix in vascular remodelling. Karin and her research group have established the use of synchrotron-based phase contrast micro-CT to study the vascular micro-anatomy in severe pulmonary hypertension. The high-resolution images acquired with the synchrotron, combined with immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization, has deciphered interesting disease mechanisms.

Symposium and hackathon

The workshop on synchrotron-based 3D imaging, is a part of an event called “3D histology with synchrotron micro-tomography: Symposium and hackathon!” that will take place at the 6–7 December at MAXIV. The symposium will cover applications of advanced x-ray micro-tomography to complement standard microscopy techniques. With volumetric imaging of soft tissue samples, virtual slicing and 3D visualization bring histological studies to the next level.

This event is a combination of symposium on Wednesday afternoon with presentation and discussions of possible applications, followed by a hackathon on Thursday morning where users who have already collected data can work with data analysis experts on segmentation and data extraction.

The event will benefit all researchers in the fields of Medicine, Biology and Soft Materials, who are interested in 3D imaging methods, virtual histology, or just curious about synchrotron based micro-tomography.


  • Symposium at MAX IV 6 December: 12:00–17:00
  • Hackathon at LINXS 7 December: 9:00–14:00

Invited speakers

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The workshop has a limit of 40 participants, so don’t wait to register!