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Andreas Edsfeldt

WCMM Clinical Researcher | Cardiovascular Research - Translational Studies

Our research

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is increasing rapidly and patients suffering from T2D have a greatly increased risk to suffer from cardiovascular events due to accelerated atherosclerosis with more frequent plaque ruptures. Yet, why atherosclerotic plaques tend to rupture more frequently in T2D remains unknown.

Our research team has provided evidence for an impaired tissue regeneration and repair as a potential cause. The delicate balance between inflammation, degradation, regeneration and repair is crucial for atherosclerotic plaque formation and for the event of plaque ruptures. Herein, our aim is to identify the mechanisms behind the impaired tissue repair and regeneration in atherosclerotic plaques from patients with T2D.


The research group combines novel sequencing and omics analysis on human plaque samples from one of the largest atherosclerotic biobanks in the world with unique in vitro studies to characterize and mimic the human atherosclerotic disease. By doing so, we hope to identify new therapeutic targets and markers to prevent atherosclerotic complications in T2D.

Strengths of the group

  • Translational studies
  • Omics and sequencing techniques
  • Bioinformatic skills
  • Unique biobank


The identification of T2D specific pathways to target therapeutically or to use as disease markers would have a great clinical impact to prevent cardiovascular complications due to T2D.

To be part of the unique and creative environment created by WCMM, with great opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations, will have a great impact for the project and also for my personal development as a researcher. 

| Research Output


  • Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Dept. of Cardiology, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö/Lund
  • Dept. of Clinical Sciences, Malmö

Social media

Andreas Edsfeldt. Portrait

Andreas Edsfeldt

Principal Investigator

Email: andreas [dot] edsfeldt [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

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Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Clinical Researcher - Andreas Edsfeldt