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News from WCMM Lund and WCMM researchers


Interview with WCMM Clinical Researcher and Pediatrician Kees-Jan Pronk in ”Lunds Universitets Magasin (LUM)”

Vill driva barnonkologin framåt (Eng: Want to develop pediatric oncology forward) (article in Swedish only)


WCMM LU Welcomes new Co-director Professor Jonas Larsson from January 2020!

From January 2020 we warmly welcome professor Jonas Larsson as new Co-director!
Jonas Larsson is Professor in Hematology and also bring long-term experience to WCMM LU as Director for StemTherapy – a National Initiative on Stem Cells for Regenerative Therapy.
Please, read more about Professor Larsson research at Lund university reasearch portal, Lucris
Jonas Larsson


Celebration of the second round of WCMM LU Mentor program February 11 2020!

At WCMM LU we believe in educating and supporting our PIs in professional development and academic leadership. All recruited PIs are welcomed to a mentor program, where they are matched with a mentor (a senior Professor at ot faculty) and invited to professional lead seminars in collaboration with INDEA AB and their senior consultant and psychologist Katarina Billing. February 11 we celebrated the ending of the second round of the WCMM LU PI Mentor program, with Diplomas and beautiful flowers!
WCMM mentor program participants


Scientific Exchange Workshop 5th February 2020 between AstraZeneca & The Wallenberg Centres in Gothenburg and Lund

WCMM LU was invited to Astra Zeneca in Gothenburg for a Scientific exchange workshop. We had an exciting day and learned the 50 year history 
of Astra Zeneca and shared presentation on research, with Drs Martin Magnusson, Sandra Lindstedt and Darcy Wagner having talks. All invited researchers also presented posters and the meeting ended with networking at an delicious buffet dinner. We warmly thank AZ and research coordinator Julia Grönros and Directror Christina Jern at WCMTM in Gothenburg for arranging an excellent workshop!
WCMM scientific Exchange Workshop


Biannual WCMM LU PI Retreat in Ystad 22-23 January, 2020

Successful Retreat held in Ystad in January.  Latest achievements were discussed and the way forward towards Forming an excellent Centre in regenerative Medicine! Fruitful strategic discussions, but also lots of laughs together at the evening´s team-building.

Participants of the WCMM retreat January 2020


Interview with WCMM Lund Clinical Researcher and Senior Consultant in Cardiology Martin Magnusson

“Livsfarligt när hjärtats pumpförmåga sviktar”/ Life threatening when the heart´s pump function fails 


Announcement - 50% clinical research position within the WCMM, LU – with emphasis on Regenerative Medicine

Read more >>> 


Congratulations to Filipe Periera for getting the prestigous ERC Consolidation Grant.

For more information read the article about the grant and the research.


João Duarte- Congratulations to Your promotion to Associate Professor!

João Duarte

Duarte´s research focus on the relation between Diabetes and Brain function, hence being in the Centre´s core focus on Regenerative- and translational medicine, but also with significant emphasis on interdisciplinary research. Two years ago João Duarte was recruited as Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow to WCMM LU, and he has established a very productive research group with already an impressive number of publications from the group. 

The Duarte group is exploring the coupling between brain metabolism and function, and its deregulation in diabetes, as well as contributing to identify strategies for rescuing brain metabolic regulation in diabetes.  Insulin signalling has a role in modulating brain function, namely through control of metabolism and synaptic plasticity, and its deterioration occurs in neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and in diabetes mellitus. Metabolic alterations are likely early events in the process of neurodegeneration, this line of research may thus provide early biomarkers for diagnosing risk of cognitive deficits. 

Read more about Duarte´s research on:


Welcome Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Clinical Researcher Karin Tran Lundmark!

We warmly welcome our new clinical researcher Karin Tran Lundmark  who will work with research on Translation of regenerative medicine into advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP). Tran Lundmark is a Specialist in Pediatrics.

Karin Tran Lundmark


Darcy Wagner - Congratulations to Your promotion to Associate Professor!

Darcy Wagner, a Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow was recruited to WCMM LU in June 2017. Read more about Wagner´s research at

Wagner’s research focuses on understanding the role of the extracellular environment for endogenous and exogenous lung tissue regeneration in healthy and diseased lung. In particular, the work focuses on the design and use of biologic and synthetic scaffolds to bioengineer new lung tissue for transplantation.

Darcy Wagner


Congratulations Vinay Swaminathan and  Gesine Paul-Visse to the 3-year grants From Cancerfonden!

Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow Vinay Swaminathan´s project “Molecular and physical mechanisms of cancer cell migration via Integrin-based focal adhesions” was granted 3 x 800.000 SEK 2020-2022.
Vinay Swaminathan

and Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Clinical Researcher Gesine Paul-Visse´s project ” Targeting pericyte-mediated immunosuppression in Glioblastoma multiforme” was granted 3 x 800.000 SEK 2020-2022 Gesine Paul Visse


Filipe Pereira - Congratulations to Your promotion to Associate Professor!

Filipe Pereira

Filipe Pereira, a Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow was recruited to WCMM LU in September 2017. Pereira  has during the last two years continued to make excellent scientific achievements, with many high impact scientific publications and he has also together with his collegues established a small biotech company called Asgard Therapeutics. Pereira´s research field is within hematopoietic stem cell biology and more specifically cellular reprogramming and hematopoietic specification. The emergent ability to reprogram any human cell into desired hematopoietic cell-types is opening avenues to the discovery of new therapies for immune and blood diseases. Read more about Pereira´s research


Congratulations to Promotions to Senior Lecturers - Darcy Wagner and Filipe Pereira

WCMM LU Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows Darcy Wagner and Filipe Pereira have been promoted to Senior Lecturers. We warmly congratulate them to this great career achievement and excitingly look forward to take part of their future contributions to science and to the Medical faculty, and the WCMM LU. 


Building a Centre in Regenerative and Translational Medicine!

Particiapnts WCMM Lund retreat august 2019

At the second yearly WCMM LU Retreat, held in Falsterbo, the WCMM Lu Leadership and PIs together planned the establishment, and how to manage and thrive our Centre in Regenerative and Translational Medicine towards world-class. 


Welcome Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow Agnete Kirkeby!

Agnete Kirkeby

We warmly welcome our new  Fellow Agnete Kirkeby, that will move from Copenhagen University, Denmark.


Visit by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation!

participants when KAW visited WCMM Lund

In October we were delighted to host representatives from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation (KAW) at a meeting at our Centre. We presented the progress of the Centre and the great scientific achievements and had exciting discussions! We were especially proud of the very professional and interactive session held by our researchers, from PhD students to PIs, highlighting the benefits of belonging to a Centre in Regenerative and Translational Medicine, that puts extensive efforts in educating the new generation of scientists but also the future academic leaders.


Anja Meissner - Congratulations to Your promotion to Associate Professor!

Image of Anja Meissner

Anja Meissner was the first Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow Recruited to WCMM LU, and she started in May 2017.  Meissner has during the last two years continued to make great scientific achievements, with excellent scientific publications and her work is an outstanding example of our Centre´s core focus on Regenerative- and translational medicine, but also with high emphasis on interdisciplinary research.  Meissner’s research field is vascular biology, and her research aims to isolate novel therapeutic targets that effectively prevent and most importantly, also reverse complications mediated by cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension.

Read more about Meissner´s research on:  


New publication from Martin Magnusson

Selenoprotein P Deficiency and Risk of Mortality and Rehospitalization in Acute Heart Failure

Read the news page about this (in Swedish)


WCMM at ISN-ASN 2019

WCMM at ISN-ASN 2019

WCMM Research School attending conference ISN-ASN 2019 in Monteral.


WCMM Molecular Medicine Fellow Niklas Mattsson, a researcher at the faculty of Medicine just published 

  • Determining Clinically meaningful decline in preclinical Alzheimer diseas, Read more >>> (External site, opens in new window)
  • Staging ß-amyloid pathology with amyloid positron emission tomography, Read more >>> (PDF, External link, opens in new window)


Announcement - one 50% clinical research position within the WCMM, LU

Read more >>>


Announcement of tenure track position

Read more >>>


Watch - A code for reprogramming immune sentinels

Read more >>> (External link, opens in new window)


Mechanism for turning skin cells into blood stem cells uncovered

Read more >>> (External link, opens in new window)


Darcy Wagner Receives ERC starting grant

Read more >>>


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