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Newsletter June-July 2019


WCMM  Newsletter

Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine
Lund University

Greetings from the Director

Dear all,
We finished the spring semester at our WCMM Centre in a fantastic way, and with a high scientific quality and cross-discipline interactions in all different ways!

In early June, the Working Group was given an excellent presentation and evaluation of the Research School. You together built up, with Darcy and Anja as captains, this WCMM Lund flagship project! A big thank you! The Research School built on an international concept, and develop and build knowledge of the future, through the younger generation of scientists. A concept of several that are important building blocks in the development of our WCMM Centre. Therefore, it is with very great pleasure to have taken the decision to continue this work by supporting “Research School No. II”, with Anja and João as captains. I look forward to this with excitement.

The semester ended with an exceptional WCMM Research Day, where we gathered all PIs, post-docs and PhDs in our Centre, and invited the Department heads. Focus was on science and interactions! The day began with two nice inspirational lectures, from Filipe and Gesine, both in a translational spirit connecting basic research and clinical research. Truly stimulating to hear and to take part of! Then a "Poster Pitch Presentation" followed, and gave a deeper and broader taste at all research performed in our Centre of Regenerative Medicine. Very satisfying to see the great enthusiasm among our young researchers who were very good at presenting their posters. Three stood out a little extra, Alba Garcia, Hani Alsafadi and Nicholas Bechet, and won the poster prizes. My warmest Congratulations!

The day ended with more networking and a Summer party at Kulturen, where we our music knowledge in a quiz and on the dance floor was challenged. Big thank you to Paul, João, Yulia and Ulrica for this day and a very nice program!

When walking home at night from this intense day many positive thoughts crossed my mind, and I felt a genuine happiness over the Centre we have built. I really feel great pride in being the Centre Director and see a huge potential in all of you! We now have a clear mission as a guiding principle: "Make LU WCMM a world-leader in regenerative medicine, with primary focus on transdisciplinary and translational initiatives".

Attendees to WCMM research day 2019
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We are well on the way to forming a Centre that moves towards world class! The basis with the WCMM Research day, the Research School, WCMM Friday club, publications, large grants received are, indeed, proof of this.

It is also now clear that the Centre is moving into a new phase, from recruitment to establish a Centre and its content, that is, i.e. we are moving from phase I to phase II. In this new phase, it is important that you PIs will take a greater role in the management work of WCMM and one step in this is that you now have nominated two persons for this work, namely Darcy and Robin and I want to warmly welcome you both to this fall's work and WCMM steering board.

WCMM autumn agenda, we will together outline at our upcoming Retreat in August. I look forward with great interest to these days organized by Filipe, Anja, Einar and Anders together with Yulia and Ulrica.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a great summer and take the opportunity to enjoy the Swedish summer when Sweden is at its best, that is, if the weather is with us.

Warmest regards,

Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson
Director WCMM Lund

Friday Club - Start again August 30

NOTE: Last Friday every month it is Friday Club, starting at 15.00 at BMC: D11.
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Summer break
30 August
27 Sept
25 October
29 November

WCMM Lund Affiliation and Acknowledgement

Please, all WCMM-associated PIs (preclinical- and clinical) use the following guideline for WCMM-affiliation and acknowledgements:

John Doe a,b
a = Departmental address or Clinic address
b = Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine, Lund University

Acknowledgement, used by both Fellows and Clinical Researchers:
The Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation, the Medical Faculty at Lund University and Region Skåne are acknowledged for generous financial support.

***WCMM PI Calendar 2019-2020 – Save all dates***

26-27 August
WCMM PI Retreat

30 August
Friday Club, BMC D11

27 Sept
Friday Club, BMC D11

30 Sept
Program “Leading in Academia: Grow-Stay-Succeed”

17 Oct
Seminar 3 Mentor program 2

25 October
Friday Club, BMC D11

29 November
Friday Club, BMC D11

12 December
Program “Leading in Academia: Grow-Stay-Succeed”


11 February
End of Program, Mentor Program 2

27 February
Program “Leading in Academia: Grow-Stay-Succeed”

24-26 March
NMMP Meeting in Umeå

14 May
Program “Leading in Academia: Grow-Stay-Succeed”

We wish you all a lovely Summer of 2019!

Ulrica on the behalf of the WCMM working group
WCMM Research coordinator

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