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WCMM newsletter September 2018


WCMM  Newsletter

Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine
Lund University

Greetings from the Director

Dear all,
We have many great news from the WCMM this month, and I would like to mention a few:

First, we would like to welcome our new Fellow, Paul Bourgine to our Center! Paul will contribute to our Centre in several ways, especially by bringing the expertise in the research field of bone regeneration. Warmly Welcome!

We would also like to warmly congratulate Darcy Wagner warmly to the most prestigious ERC Starting Grant!

In the beginning of September, we reported to KAW about the first 3-year period of the Centers´ scientific development, and applied for financing for the coming 3-year period. With great pleasure, I can inform you that we almost immediately received a very positive reply from KAW that was impressed by our recruitment process and initial scientific achievements. We look forward to a detailed feedback in a couple of months.

I am glad to inform you that our SAB has agreed on continue for another 3-year period, which enables a continuous and crucial support for us in our further development. The next SAB meeting is scheduled to April 17-18, 2019, please Save the date. You and your research groups will be invited for a meeting with the SAB.

Thank you for good attendance and contributing to a very good Seminar on Innovation and Patenting. We thank LU Innovation for a good introduction and discussions, and remind you of the Swedish regulations on intellectual property rights of academic staff that differs from other countries.

National meetings for the four WCMM Centers´ work groups and the NMMP board, respectively took place at Arlanda, Stockholm and included current status- and future development discussions. The former meeting included representatives from both academia and the health care sectors (i.e. Regionerna), crucial for the success of translational research.

You have been invited to a Strategy Discussion November 12 (Save the date!)! The proposed future aim is to develop WCMM Lund into an international competitive Center in Regenerative Medicine. An excellent beginning is the WCMM Research School in Regenerative medicine established by the WCMM Fellows Anja, Darcy, Iben, Filipe and João , and launched next week. Tis school will facilitate international networking and support students in their professional development.

I am very excited and encouraged about our recent success and achievements, putting WCMM and Regenerative Medicine in Lund in a good starting position in the strive towards higher levels and international recognition!

At last, I would like to warmly thank research administrator Andrea Nord for her time in WCMM Lund, and wish her all the best and best of luck in her new position!

We warmly welcome our new temporary administrator Mia Gränse. Moreover, Yulia Lindholm as you all know by now will continue to firmly look after our budget, but also support the Research school. /activities/research-school

Best wishes,

Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson
Director WCMM Lund

On-going recruitment to WCMM Lund

The applications for the two final WCMM fellow positions entitled “Tissue Repair in Infectious Diseases” and ” Translation of preclinical regenerative medicine into advanced therapy medicinal products” are presently being evaluated. Over 20 applications were received for each position and the procedure of external review is now ongoing.

National Conference on “Relevance of Clinical Studies”- Malmö Live 6-7 Feb, 2019

Since this information is mainly directed toward the Clinical researchers it will follow in Swedish, as it was forwarded to us:

Välkomna till Nationell konferens om kliniska studier i Malmö på Clarion Hotel Malmö Live den 6-7 februari 2019. Årets tema är ”Värdet av Kliniska Studier”
Ta chansen att inspireras av talare och konferensdeltagare, diskutera och nätverka med representanter för patientorganisationer, akademi, hälso- och sjukvård, myndigheter och industri.
Nationell konferens om kliniska studier är en mötesplats för kunskapsutbyte och nätverkande. Konferensen vänder sig till dig som arbetar med kliniska studier inom hälso- och sjukvård, tandvård, akademi och industri samt till dig som är patient. Konferensen vänder sig också till dig som är chef, tjänsteperson eller politiker med ansvar för hälso- och sjukvård eller forskningsfrågor.
Är du intresserad av att medverka som utställare eller bidragsgivare kontakta Daniella Ibis: daniella [dot] ibis [at] skane [dot] se
Vänliga hälsningar,
Ulf Malmqvist, nodföreståndare Kliniska Studier Sverige - Forum Söder.
Chris Heister, ordförande Kommittén för kliniska studier, Vetenskapsrådet.

NMMP Open call for “Scientific Network Facilitation Grant” 2018

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for to the grant aiming at facilitation of collaborations between researchers at SciLifeLab-WCMM or between two different WCMM sites!

The total amount to apply for per year and site is 125 tKr and the grant can be used for e.g. travel costs, lodging and consumables related to the planned activity (e.g. meeting, study).

The WCMM working group will evaluate the applications continuously after receiving them and decisions will be made within 4 weeks after application.

How to apply:

  1. Application, maximum 2 pages, should include Names and affiliations of participants, Project plan (Use headings: background, aim, workplan, relevance, references)
  2. Budget, maximum 1 page
  3. Attach short cv´s for the PI´s, max 2 pages.
  4. Send the application, budget, and cv´s to ulrica [dot] englund_johansson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Dead-line for application 2018 Grant: December 3, 2018

SciLifeLab Information

***DDD symposium: Biomarkers in Drug Discovery – How to Predict for Success in the Clinic
November 8th, in Uppsala, SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development Platform gives a symposium together with AstraZeneca on how biomarkers are used in drug development.
The program is exciting including a lecture by Virginia Byers Kraus (Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, Durham), advisor to FDA.
If you are interest in attending please apply ASAP, since these symposia are very popular!
Contact: kristian [dot] sandberg [at] scilifelab [dot] uu [dot] se, vice director DDD platform

***SciLifeLab Newsletter
Please, follow the link below to subscribe to SciLifeLab´s Newsletter for keeping updated, and inspiring and most useful information:

Research grants

Horizon 2020 grants, please find inform here:

This meeting may be of interest for some of you:
Horizon 2020 - EU Partnering event on digital transformation in health & care - October 29
Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Scotland Europa, and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) invite you to submit an expression of interest to participate in this partnering event. Focus on Horizon 2020 upcoming calls within Societal Challenge 1, Health:

WCMM Affiliation and Acknowledgements

Please, all WCMM-associated PIs (preclinical- and clinical) use the following guideline for WCMM-affiliation and acknowledgements to KAW:
John Doe a,b
a = Departmental address or Clinic address
b = Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine, Lund University

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation is acknowledged for generous support.

WCMM Researcher Calendar 2018 – Save all dates!!!


October 2
Launch event for the WCMM Research School in the Belfrage Lecture Hall, BMC D15

October 9
WCMM-LBIC Seminar, Segerfalk Lecture hall, BMC A10

November 12
Strategy Discussion Meeting, BMC –I 1345, 15.00-16.30

November 22
End of Mentor program, 08.30-13.30, Pufendorf Inst in Lund
OBS only for those in the current Mentor Program!

December 12
Christmas party at Biskopshuset, Lund

April 2-4
NMMP meeting, Gothenburg

April 17-18
WCMM Lund SAB meeting in Lund

Enjoy the Autumn of 2018!

All the best,
Ulrica on the behalf of the WCMM working group
WCMM Research coordinator

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