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WCMM Research School 23/24 has come to an end

En klass med diplom

As summer slowly settles into Lund, the 2023-24 iteration of the WCMM Research School has come to an end. Seven exciting months were wrapped up with a two-day retreat at the beautiful Båstad Riviera Strand.

At the retreat, the research school attendees were treated to inspiring lectures by representatives from both academia and industry, highlighting topics such as entrepreneurship, collaboration, and the recipe for writing a successful grant. On the topic of grants, the results of the research school grant writing competition were announced – congratulations to the winners!  

A highly appreciated retreat
Overall, the feedback for the retreat was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees appreciated the well-organized schedule, valuable workshops, and networking opportunities. The survey revealed that all participants found the topics covered relevant to their research and interests. The team-building sessions, including quizzes and scientific charades, were particularly praised for their effectiveness. A big thank you to the organizers for creating such a rewarding experience!  

Looking back at the research school
The 2023-24 WCMM research school has offered a smörgåsbord of topics tailored to train and inspire the next generation of scientists. The presentation practice workshops highlighted both presentation techniques and how to prepare for questions and discussions, and tied into later practice on how to construct an engaging pitch. The PI meetings gave the attendees the opportunity to discuss burning career questions directly with experienced researchers. The practical laboratory- and method workshops have taken the students for a journey through everything from machine learning and –omics to imagining techniques and 3D-organoid culturing – including how to construct an in-house bioreactor.  

We asked participants about their overall satisfaction with the WCMM Research School. 75% percent of the attendees rated the school as good, and 88% were satisfied with the academic support and mentorship provided by their supervisors. Overall, the sense of community and professional development opportunities were highly appreciated. We would like to take this moment to thank the organizers and all the participants that have made this year’s WCMM research school a success! 

In addition, we would also like to thank everyone who is part of the WCMM communication team for welcoming us and teaching us the importance of good scientific communication. Being part of the WCMM communication team this year has been an incredible journey and an enriching experience. This role has allowed us to appreciate the impact of effective communication. Documenting the happenings within the research school has been a rewarding experience, giving us the chance to share the inner workings and achievements of our academic community.  

And to finish, as we approach a well-deserved summer break, we want to wish everyone in the WCMM family a fantastic and restful summer! 

/Elin & Paula