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Recruitment and Career packages

The initiative includes the recruitment of internationally leading successful young researchers who will be offered a generous career package to establish their research teams. The teams have access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure such as SciLifeLab, MAX IV, LBIC and in the future ESS. Through research environments integrated with public healthcare in Region Skåne and with the life science industry, the conditions for world-leading molecular and translational research will be put in place.

For recruitment during 2015‒2024 period, the following applies:

We envision an ideal scenario with a translational platform in which basic and clinical researchers work together with a common research question from the lab bench into clinical care.

  • Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows:
    Lund University will over ten years set up tenure track program with in total 10 Associate Senior Lectureships for successful young researchers. Senior Lectureships may also be included as an alternative to Associate Senior Lectureships. Each researcher receives a career package of two doctoral students and two post-doc positions as well as an operational grant of SEK 1.5 million per year for at least four years. The position covers both research and teaching, as well as some administrative duties (up to 20 percent). 
  • It should be noted that the program intends to put in place conditions for world-leading molecular and translational research, hence candidates for the tenure track positions encompassed by the program must  have international research experience. It should also be noted that we are seeking young researchers with the majority of their active research time in front of them.
  • All tenure track positions will be within the field Regenerative Medicine (restoration of normal cell-, tissue- and organ function by regeneration, replacement, and repair).
  • Further specialication can be related to, for example, one of the specific areas mentioned in "Specialisation at Lund University" but topics bridging different areas and topics related to relevant infrastructure can also be possible. Details about the specialisation requirements will be given in each tenure track announcement.
  • At the same time, Region Skåne will appoint one half-time clinical researcher with the same research specialisation as the tenure track position.
  • It is of course possible for basic as well as clinical researchers to apply for the tenure track positions. If an excellent clinical researcher is selected, an alternative format for the translational goal will be considered.
  • The recruitment process will include international advertising in top-ranked journals. The recruitment must be seen in light of the ambition to strengthen Swedish world-wide competitiveness in the field of molecular medicine, and it is therefore anticipated that the tenure track positions will be held by researchers with an international background.
  • The recruitment process will be coordinated as far as possible with announcements at the three other centres (Gothenburg, Umeå and Linköping).
  • The director and steering group of the research centre initiate the recruitments, propose specialisations and coordinate the recruitment process nationally and within the framework of rules and regulations applicable to Lund University and the Faculty of Medicine.